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Good morning? Good afternoon? Or should I say good evening? Please let me introduce Benhao to you. By the way, he has another given name Jourin, he will be glad if you call him that.
Benhao has spent his life so far in schools. Although not intelligent and innovative enough, He is actually idealistic, and he enjoys researching into physics and doing electronic DIYs. He finished his high school at Jiangsu Tianyi High School and narrowly got admitted by the School of Physics, Nankai University , with the mark on the college entrance exam just above the minimum requirement of the school. There, he took all the compulsory courses in theoretical physics and started his research career in the sophomore year. He was doing BESIII experiment then and had experienced multiple aspects of high energy physics experiments, namely, the second hardware update of the LHCb experiment, the finding of lepton number violation new physics channels, the precise measurement of \(K_S\) in charmonium processes and the finding of CP violation in charm processes. He changed his research interests so much as he couldn’t make much progress in most of them. During his one-year stay at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, he finally settled on charm physics as his thesis and successfully got the work into the internal MEMO review stage of the BESIII experiment. He got the Bachelor of Science in theoretical physics in 2022. Nowadays, he is doing his master degree at Heidelberg University in Germany. His current research interest is in theories of beyond standard model at low energies, but has not decided on a topic for the thesis as of now. Hope he can be less of a failure in his master’s year.
Benhao’s mother tongue is Mandarin, he is also fluent in English(C1) and some Germany(~B2) , that can scare German people back to English speaking. He has a Chinese computer certificate (NCRE level 2) of C++ and python, and he can write ROOT scripts for high energy physics research without hassle. He is also familiar with Mathematica, Matlab, R, HTML, PHP, Verilog and \(\LaTeX{}\) typeset, can deploy and setup websites or docker images with ease. Likewise, he also has many experience of porting X86_64 code to aarch64. But sadly he cannot live without documentation of these languages and needs a browser opened when coding.
In his spare time, he enjoys doing hardware DIYs , note that by saying “DIY” is merely buying a lot of boards, pulling some corresponding open-source projects and making a few changes, no foreseeable real-world usage. In his high school years, he made self-navigating cars with Freescale and Arduino dev boards , whose motor broke down just 2 minutes in the competition. Currently, he is playing with ESP32, FPGAs and Jetson dev boards, with projects including deploying a GPT-like chatbot locally and making acceleration cards for Feynman diagram computing. His favorite sport is hiking, and he likes to hike in the forest after rain and breath in fresh air. Should you find your hike with no companion, don’t hesitate to call him up. He also enjoyed playing the chinese zither(Guzheng) when he was in China, but it is too big to carry to Germany.
By the way, Benhao is a supporter of unisex and agender movements, he hopes that one day the world will only have one sex so that people will be free of the burden of gender binary and stereotypes and can love each other freely. He is also celibates , just started currently. He also likes to use and donate to free(dom) software, supports the right-to-repair community, and he is also an advocate for personal privacy and data protection.
Benhao is very introverted and hates people calling him when they don't have important things to say ( I've heard that the answer rate of calls on his cell phone is less than 5%), and of course, he hates parties. If you want to find him fast, we recommend you just go through Google Calendar's appointment feature to book a free time slot or email benhaotang[at] or benhao.tang[at] (Academic) so that he will be happy to get back to you within half an hour, of course, only during work hours.
If you want to keep up with Benhao's daily life, you can follow him on Bilibili, Youtube or GitHub, although he hardly ever updates and no one gives him stars, and you'll be able to see his latest videos and projects.
Sh*t, Benhao found my added notes in his profile and is coming furiously, it seems that this place is not suitable to stay for a long time. But we will have you updated here with his new adventures, see you in a bit.

Last update: September 25, 2023